Thursday, June 18, 2009

i'll pray for you, you pray for me

I'm going to be a big of a copy-cat on my post...a blog i follow--and whom happens to be an old friend from church and high school posted the most awesome post. So good in fact, that i decided i needed to share his idea and get the praying moving :)

I have started the past month saying nightly prayers WITH booderbean. Usually i say our prayer and he listens. On our morning drives we've been talking a lot more about God and Heaven and who all is up there with him. We've had some recent events in our lives that lead us to this discussion more and more. I want booderbean to be comfortable with the idea that some of our loved ones have gone on to Heaven and we will join with them again some day. He's just starting on the praying part so basically it's something like this "i pray that i get to go outside and play at school tomorrow" or "i pray that i get corn dogs for lunch" things like that :)

So here's the deal...booderbean and i will add your prayer requests to our nightly prayers if you would like. The way i see it is, we all have things we need to pray for weather it be our family, our health, our kiddos, a prayer of thanksgiving, whatever it is...send me a comment and we'll have 2 more people sending your prayers up the the Big Guy :)


KendraJane said...

pray for an AC for me, pretty please?

morewineplease said...

so awesome of you to share so much with him! What a good mama!