Friday, October 16, 2009

Foto Faces Friday

We had BooderBeans 3rd birthday party last weekend...
Military Man and i were running around the house like crazy people tending to everyones needs and being involved with little man that i completely forgot to get my camera out! But i did manage to snatch a few cute ones that i couldn't resist posting!

(he got alot of new fireman gear and he was so excited to try them on right away!)

(he was so excited to see his cake all finished and blow the candles out! him and i made the cupcakes that morning and then i made his cake!)
Enjoy the weekend everyone! We will be attending our 2nd annual Fall Break Krout campout! I'm excited yes to go camp and have some family time....but NOT excited about being 32 weeks pregnant and camping!

photos will follow next week :)

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Mom3boys said...

Big boy BooderBean!!! Super cute picture you can tell he's dying to dig into that cake. (BTW the cake and cupcakes turned out super cute and very yummy!!!)