Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dancing Machine

Apparently BooderBean has inherited all of my fathers dance moves and enthusiasm! My dad is one whom at my own wedding we couldn't' keep him off the dance floor!
We went to his toddler rooms teachers wedding this past weekend and we could not keep BooderBean and his little girlfriend off the dance floor!! My little man and his favorite friend, Addyson, have been in school together since they were in the infant room together at 9 months old! Over the summer her daddy got transferred with work and they have moved away, BooderBean was/is devastated! So we were all so excited for the recent wedding and getting to see everyone together again.

I know that BooderBean loves to dance, we have dance parties at home all the time and just about every morning and evening on our drives home BooderBean and I jam out and start dancing! So i was not too shocked to see him hit the dance floor at the wedding...but I was shocked to see him actually have MOVES and RHYTHM and not want to leave the floor! It was hilarious, strangers were taking pictures of the two of them!

These photos of course didn't come out nearly has good as he looked in person, but you get the idea! And this was all after he had taken the tie off! poor guy was sweating he was dancing so hard, wish i had a good one of him in his first tie!!! precious!!!

I just love my little dancing machine!!!


greygillfish said...

THIS IS SO CUTE! I can't wait to see you and booderbean in a few weeks.

KendraJane said...

Soo cute! Wish I could've seen him in person!

Kase said...

He doesn't dance like his mama??? so sad...hehe...