Friday, December 12, 2008

fun family time

I can't believe i forgot to blog about this....we had Military Man's National Guard Christmas party last weekend and booderbean got to see Santa!!! He's been so excited to see Santa, and he talks about Santa all the time, but when we got in line...he just wanted his daddy :)

Military man and one of his best buddies whom was deployed with him, and their boys!
tried this picture more than once and could never get them all 4 to look at me! not gonna get too close to Santa!

Showing mommy what he got form Santa

The next day my sister and i and military man took all our boys (well boy #4 is still in sisters tummy) to Bass Pro Shops to have pictures taken with Santa and play on all the fun outdoor toys!

Her are some fun pictures:

CLASSIC!! i love that nephew Jacob is crying, it's perfect!!

uncle military man teaching Carter to shoot!

military man and booderbean shooting

me and my funny funny nephew Jacob!!!
I love my nephews!! and nephew #3 will be here in jsut a few weeks!!

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