Monday, December 15, 2008

wooooah momma!

Ok first off i cannot believe i am about to post this photo of MYSELF!!! and i know that when those few of you that actually read my blog see the will be thinking the same thing "what in the world did she post this for?". But i have reasoning behind it...

When we left my office Christmas party last Friday night THIS is what i left looking like...

GROSS huh!!! my lips had randomly swollen to at least 5 times their normal size!!

And the really crappy part is, we have no idea why!

Talk about frustrating!!!

For those of you readers that worked with me at GELB, you may remember a few times when this happened. It sure looks like an allergic reaction to some food i ate huh? well nope! we have no clue what triggers the swollen fat face! it just appears out of nowhere! I have seen the best allergist in the state, i have had all sorts of needles poked in me, i have had all kinds of tests ran but nothing shows to be highly elevated! Military man is convinced it is something in the air.

All that i can really do is get a steroid shot and pray!

Or take a crap load of benadryl and sleep for 20 hours!

well now that we've all had a good laugh...enjoy the rest of your day!

oh and pray for me that this never happens again at an embarrassing an office Christmas party, or the time before this when i had a HUGE presentation to give in front of the college (yeah that was NO fun!!)


greygillfish said...

Oh how awful. Is it gone yet? Does it hurt? Just think some people pay for lips like that.

I have food allergies as well. It took me 10+ years to figure out what it was. I know it is frustrating now knowing what is causing this?

greygillfish said...

My computer just crashed when I was posting below.

I DO hope you feel better soon!

morewineplease said...

I remember those lips very well! LOL!!
I am so sorry for you and your Jolie lips!
Get that SHOT!!