Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help Wanted

Seeking the help of my fellow (and much more knowledgeable) bloggers!
Obviously from my blog name I am Booderbeans mommy...well now we have our new addition and I am in desperate need of changing my blog name and blog page! I have an idea for the name...ok not really but military man and i have come up with a few ideas.
SO my help is needed in this:
  1. how do i change my blog name to a new one?
  2. how do i change the look of my blog (some of you out there are so dang creative)
  3. Any advice on a new name??? still tossing that around

My boys need to be properly represented by their momma :)

1 comment:

KendraJane said...

hmmm... i changed up my look VERY EASILY by going to the cutestblogontheblock website. Check them out... super cute layouts for FREE.
As for a new name... are you changing your url too? Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!