Wednesday, June 18, 2008

first off

humm where to begin my first blog ever??
to be quite honest doing a blog is something i have thought about for a long time now. i thought about it then would think "no way am i publishing my personal thougths out there", then i realized that i either call my friends and family up and ramble on, or i send out tons of picture updates, or i send out long bornign to save everyone from that i will do a blog instead. then if you decide you don't want to hear anymore from me you can just close the blog :)
what really threw me into finally doing this is my obsession with a few friends' blogs. i check them out daily ok, lets be honest, a few times a day! and after months of reading them and thinking i needed one of my own..i'm doing it!

So...a little about me...i'm a mom to one of the silliest toddlers i know, little coleman dale is 20 months old and we have called him "booder bean" from the day we brought him home from the hospital. he lights up my life and i find myself sitting at work not even thinking about work because my mind is on all the fun we will have when i get home from work. it's funny how your heart can grow 10 times bigger just from giving birth! and now i'm that emotional mom who tears up just typing theese thigns out. trust me, you'll find out more throught the blogs.
I am also so lucky to be the wife of my hero and bestest friend. he is a funny, brave, strong, and supportive husband. we'll call him "military man" for now. he's active duty army for the national guard so he works full time for the military. he's done 2 tours and travels quite a bit, and i'm so proud of him. if you know me you know i'm a proud american woman. my eyes and heart swell up at the sound of our national anthem, seeing old retired vets makes me swell with pride for them, seeing familes waving flags makes me smile, i know it sounds cheesy but come on, we all have things we are passionate about right!
right now i work in marketing and program planning for a university but i think i'm still figuring out my real dream. i'm sure there will be plenty of blogging on that as well. i love to read but don't get the chance much, i love to travel, especially day trips or weekend trips w/ the family. i love a good glass of wine, ok i love any glass of wine! a glass a night is healthy right!! i love being organized and having things planned out, i can be spontaneous, really i can..but it drives me nuts not to know what is happening so i can plan for it! i love DVR and i think it is the greatest invention. i love that my husband is a fabulous cook and i am not. i love that our son has no clue and will eat no matter who cooked it.
i think i could go on and on but for now this will suffice for my first "blog".
i'll have to save the rest for another time!


morewineplease said...

HEY!! Way to go lady! Looking forward to reading more! That baby is a doll!

Katie said...

I love it Cinda!!! Such a great idea!! I will be checking in regularly so keep the blogs coming!

becky said...

So glad you took my advice this morning. I was missing out on seeing pics of the booder bean. He is so cute. Love the pic of him and military man. I look forward to seeing much more.

KendraJane said...

Love that you're going to blog - I'll get to keep caught up with you now! Saving you to favorites RIGHT NOW.........