Friday, July 30, 2010

Fam Jam 2010

Last weekend we got to attend a family reunion for my dads side of the family-family came from way North Oklahoma and way South Texas and we met in the middle at Turner Falls.  It was so amazing to see my dad and his cousins (they are all so close yet don't get to see each other very often) and all the generations before and after.  The oldest was in her mid 80's and the youngest was only a few weeks old.  While i didn't even break my camera out of it's case the entire weekend, we still got some amazing family shots by others! This weekend was especially special for everyone as it was the the first time in a long time us Oklahoma family had gotten to see our dear cousin Peggy who is battling brain cancer and has been through and still going through so much.  It was so special to see all the older cousins hugging! 
FUN FUN weekend full of lake time, boat time, drinking time, game time, funny times, snuggling times, and everything else! 
I love my family so much and am so happy this is the start of our annual FAM JAM weekend!

My mom and sister...this was the first night where all us women folk had a pow wow around a few bottles of wine and margaritas!

My brother and Coleman in early morning PJ time

The youngest member--sweet baby Asher with his grandpa and cousin

My daddy and his cousin Peggy

My sister, brother, and immediate cousins--we do this pose at every gathering! the boys hate it :)

My dad, his sister, and their immediate cousins!

My dad and mom and all of us

all the youngins...can you believe not ONE girl in this whole bunch!!!

The whole Fam Damnly!! (as Nana always says!)

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