Monday, July 19, 2010

weekend in slow motion

This past weekend was one of the best weekends ever spent at home! We had a full weekend of NOTHING to do! This is a first for the Krout family lately, it seems like all we do is go go go! We spent the whole weekend, playing, cleaning house (which BooderBean and i love to do so it was fun), reading books, playing the Wii, baking, cooking, and just hanging out!  I laugh because the highlight of our weekend was when the boys and I took a little trip to Wal-Mart and spent 2 hours there!  I really dont' mind grocery shopping with the kids as long as I have plenty of time and it's not crowded, oh yeah...and if everyone is in fun moods!  The reason we spent so long at the dreaded Wal-Mart was because BooderBean received a $5 bill in the mail this weekend and it just had to be spent!  We went up and down every toy isle and played with just about every single was the not most creative or "fun" thing in my mind that him and i did, but to him it was pure Heaven! He has told me and others a million times "we got to go to TOY ISLE and i got to get a toy and pay for it ALL BY MYSELF!".  Pure, simple, fun!

Because we had all weekend with nothing particular to do...we snapped some fun random pictures.  Enjoy the randomness that was our weekend!

Boys both playing so good on a play mat, each doing their own thing but totally entertained!  Yes, BooderBean is in his undies and it was just about lunch time, it was Saturday and he refused to put on clothes :)

BooderBean being very meticulous about how he was building his army men and their camp

I was trying to be like GreyGillfish and capture a cute shot...i think she is WAY better, but I had to try.  

BooderBean and MilitaryMan built a boat for boat races at school

now that he is sitting so well he loves to sit in his bed, surrounded by his toys...BrotherBean loves to put all the animals in his crib and then play "where's the baby"

Caught him playing so he flashed me a big grin!

tried the sippy cup for the first time this weekend, he of course used it more as something to chew on than drink out of.


M+D+Bx3 said...

Love all the pictures! Don't you just love wekends like that...I know I sure do!! Cuteie pie nephews...lovin the little dale and his cup!:)

greygillfish said...

I will gladly trade weekends with you! I am in need of some down time!

The boys are adorable, and I think Mr. Brotherbean is growning like a weed. Precious!

Hope Military man is still doing better!