Friday, November 7, 2008

brown eyeshaddow

Today i applieda new shade of brown eyeshadow...well i put it on rather heavily to cover up what i just know is going to turn into a BLACK EYE by the middle of the day! You see, booderbean has been getting in to our bed about 1/2 way through the night for the past 3 weeks, and ladies and gentlemen, he is not a calm sleeper until he is completely out! Usually he tosses and turns and wiggles his way into the warmest crook of the bed right smack between me and military man--fine by us, we love the snuggles! Although last night was like there was a circus in the bed, that boy was all over the place...and mind you, he's 1/2 asleep when he's doing this and says' some of THE weirdest stuff!!! Booderbean was kicking me in the face...yes, kicking me in the face!!! So I'd shove him over to military man and roll over, just for him to kick me again and say in the sleepiest sweet voice "i kick momma face, i kick momma face". I would gently say (ok maybe not so gently, remember it's like 3 in the morning and I've been beat up for the past at least hour!) "no sir, we do not kick momma's face, now go to sleep or your going to your bed". Finally military man knew what he needed to do....he grabbed a pillow and headed to the couch! WHAT??? how does this help me??

So I roll on over and try and get at least an hour of sleep before the alarm goes off...and booder bean, sprawled out and feel into a deep sleep for the rest of the night.

Military man was right, booderbean needed some space i guess :)

So, if my eye turned black today you'll all know know.

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becky said...

We have been having the same problem at our house. I got my wish last night...GiGi stayed in her own bed, but GTO decided to join us instead. It is always one of them kicking, hitting, punching me. LOL!