Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Foto

WOW 2 posts from me in one day!?!?!?!
Well as i mentioned in my ramblings from before...i went out at lunch and bought a new camera cord so i could get the photos off my camera and onto here!

When the destruction to our spare bathroom happened last night my first words to military man were "oh don't you worry, this is sooooooooooo the topic of my blog post tomorrow!!!" I was angrier than any pregnant redhead could be!

notice all of booderbeans bath toys are destroyed, notice my pretty flowers that used to be in a pretty vase on the counter are destroyed, notice the white wicker stuff everywhere that used to be baskets containing booderbeans bath towels and washcloths, notice my CHI on the floor DESTROYED!!! what happens when you leave a 2 month old, 80 lbs St. Bernard alone in your bathroom for 3 hours!
luckily we hadn't done any of the redecorating to the bathroom except my pretty new floors! i woulda really been mad had i redecorated already.

momma was not happy :)

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greygillfish said...

I can't believe this! This is exactly why I don't want a dog! Good Luck with this one.