Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fishing Fun

We took booderbean for a fishing and picnic night on Monday night! He had so much fun and so did we. Chandler Lake is only 15 minutes from our house and has the best little fishing and campout areas. It was a nice night and we just needed a change from our mundane evenings. Poor booderbean thought we were going on a camping trip though because he kept asking us "where are we going to sleep, where is my sleeping bag and tent??"
To make it up to him we are going camping Friday night!

He LOVED the picnic, i think it may have been only our second one (the first only being in the backyard!). We'll be doing that a lot more this summer!


mimi said...

Thanks for the photos! Isn't booderBean the cutest 2 year old?
Can't wait to see the new grand dog!!!

neta said...

what a beautiful place! have a great time camping this weekend.

greygillfish said...

HOW FUN! He is so so so cute!

Mom3boys said...

So cute...I love his face! NeNe misses BooderBean!!! What a fun idea. We need to all meet for a picnic this summer.=)