Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Doc update

So Baby K 2.0 is growing big and strong at 10 weeks and 5 days today! And let me tell you, this momma seems to be growing as well! I only gained 6lbs since my last visit (at 5 weeks) but my baby bump is a growin'! no..i am not posting a photo yet! I am having my dear friend BO, take family and maternity photos soon and i am beyond words excited!! Go check out her amazing work at:

Well the nausea is settling a bit, now I'm only sick from the minute i wake up until about noonish. At least it's not lasting all day anymore. But i am here to tell you that what they say about "every pregnancy being different" is so true! This pregnancy is completely the opposite in every single way than my pregnancy with booderbean. I think I've experienced every symptom I've ever heard about. But i have a dear dear friend, Miss Kasey, who is a dietitian and the smartest woman i know. She is getting me through every little bump in the road. She was there with me when i was eating a block of cheese a day with booderbeans pregnancy, and she's here now when i am not eating or drinking anything but OJ :)

Not much else going on in Baby K 2.0 world so I'll close for now, and i promise...I'll get better at blogging soon :)


Kase said...

I would say that I am She-Rah 2.0...but i'm not slaying any dragons nor gonna wear a bikini made out of bear skin. ha ha Love YOU!

greygillfish said...

I have been wondering where you were??? You know you could post a picture every month just for me. :)

I am so happy to be linked :) I can't wait for pictures...lots and lots of them!!!

I hope your symptoms subside soon. I know it is hard to have all those miseries. :) Isn't it wierd to be so miserable and yet be so elated and happy at the same time.

KendraJane said...

hmmm... I craved OJ too! Wonder if that's a sign of Team Pink?
Can't wait to see the maternity pics!