Tuesday, May 26, 2009

favorite part of the weekend

I gotta say....of all the fun having, busy doing, lazy being, outdoor playing, sun soaking, campfire cooking, fish catching, pool swimming, family enjoying things we did this past Memorial Day weekend, my favorite moments happened on Sunday as we spent the afternoon doing whatever we wanted and just spending time the 3 (er 4) of us!
Military man conducted the 21 gun salute for the National Guard Memorial Day ceremony in the a.m. and then we took booderbean out for a yummy lunch, we piddled around and shopped some, went to sonic for a cold afternoon treat, took our time grocery shopping and picking out all the ingredients for our own little cookout, went to hubby's Armory to let booderbean ride the Humvees, and then took our time driving home and stopped and picked some pretty wildflowers for a nice bouquet! We did alot of fun things this weekend and have made lots of fun memories, but to me the best things happened just by doing nothing!

he was trying to smile but the sun was "blocking his eyes" as he told me.

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Mom3boys said...

Cutest picture ever...I love that little BooderBean!!! Sounds like you all had a blast. I love the picking flowers idea....once again cuteness!!!