Thursday, January 8, 2009

looking good...ish

I don't typically feel that i am the kind of person that needs to have compliments thrown her way, but come on----
who doesn't' like to hear that you look nice when you are wearing a new outfit!

I know you readers know what I'm talking about, you just have those days when you know you look good-your hair turned out just right, your make up looked especially smooth & pretty, you have on a new trendy outfit that you are sure will spark some conversation......
and then you get nothing...nothing!

this has happened to me for the second time THIS WEEK!

Monday i wore a super cute new pair of pants and trendy sweater dress thingy...nothing!
Today i have on a super cute skirt with coordinating tights and top...nothing!

again, not that i need to hear the compliments...but come on!! :)

OK I'm done with the pity party!
here's to a fabulous Thursday!


greygillfish said...

Well I can't even see you, but I know you look GREAT!

"Cinda, That is such a cute outfit that you have on today. Is it new? You look so cute...really that skirt is FAB."

I hope this helped!

booderbean's momma said...

awww you are too kind!!! yes, much better!!
u rock my friend!

Anonymous said...

They must be a bunch of cutie haters! They are probably so jealous they can't speak. :-)

Love ya!

KendraJane said...

ahhhh... that's what you get for working with a bunch of fashion faux-paws! If we were back at GELB I bet you'd have already received 10 compliments.... 8 just from me and Shan!

Biteofpunkinpie said...

girl, i'm sure you looked FAB-U-LOUS!!!!

on the potty training thing... just wait. we are on a pooping strike right now. pee is fine but no poop in the potty. lovely. what a glamorous life i lead.

Biteofpunkinpie said...

yeah, husband said he ran into your mom! clearly my family is so well fed! seems like we're always at mcdonalds