Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Duck, Duck, GOOSE

The Krout Sprouts had a really fun relaxing, doing basically nothing but hanging out with my boys and having a good ol' family fun time!
Saturday we took the boys to the Outdoor and Wildlife Expo held in Guthrie at the Expo Center.  If you haven't been before i highly encourage it.  There was lots to do for everyone, BooderBean got to kayak, make his very own rope, and touch a real live alligator.  BrotherBean got to ride around in a stroller and people watch (his favorite thing!), touch all kinds of animal skin, and take a nap while riding around.  MilitaryMan and i got to look at some really cool stuff and shop a bit. So all in all a great day! Left the camera at home so no pictures from that day except for what is on my cell phone...and of course those are too good. I may post some later though.

Sunday we took the boys and my mom to the duck pond and park in Ponca City. Had a blast! both boys had so much fun feeding the ducks and watching them swim around and come up to them.  We also took BooderBeans bike with us and he got really brave at riding around and going up and down the hills and trying to do tricks, nearly giving his momma a heart attack the first time i saw him barreling down the hill!

Here are the boys...BrotherBean even got in on feeding the ducks...or himself that is! BooderBean is showing off the bread he is about to hurdle into the pond.

Not quite sure what BrotherBean was doing but he looks so cute like he's embarrassed

He loved sitting on the stump watching the ducks!

Posing with my favorite almost 4 year old!

 BrotherBean tried to crawl away from daddy and snag the bread!

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Natalie said...

How fun! I love the duck pond in Ponca, I have memories of that from when I was little! What great pics, you are so blessed!