Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Week!

This amazing boy is all MINE MINE MINE, and he will be turning four this Saturday, October 2nd.  I like to think birthdays shouldn't be just one day, you should get an entire week (or more!) to celebrate.  So this week I am planning all kinds of fun things for BooderBean, they are all the simple things in life that he loves to do and i plan to make this week amazing for him! 
He's such a fun and silly boy, and really growing into be such a smart little cookie! 
I think I'll save the "update on the last year" post for later in the week, I'm already a bit emotional :)
Here is a a photo that is ALL BooderBean!  It has turned into one of my favorites because it is the true BooderBean smile!  GreyGillfish of course took his photos. 
She is amazing in so many ways and i am so lucky to know her and call her my friend!

This week i plan to blog every day about my sweet big boy so watch for some pretty funny stuff!


KendraJane said...

Happy Birthday little guy! It seems like just yesterday we were all anxiously awaiting his arrival! Looking forward to hearing all about your fun plans this week!

greygillfish said...

I can't believe his birthday week is already here! I can't wait to hear about the birthday plans. Thank you for sharing your boys with me. I love them dearly.

Hugs Booderbean!!!!

Natalie said...

I can't believe he is four years old! It seems like yesterday I ran into you in the tower and you were running around with the most adorable little baby bump! I hope he has the best day ever!