Thursday, September 2, 2010

Smarty Pants has been determined that when BooderBean enters grade school we just might be needing to hire a tutor for him! The boy is smart...and not the "he's my kid so I'm biased" kind of smart either, he's so good at logic and problem solving. it amazes me and cracks me up all at the same time! The boy is a born negotiator and will most defiantly be in congress some day!

Since we have a 40 minute one way commute we tend to pack our breakfasts and eat in the car together each's what the dialog went like today:

Me:  BooderBean you ready for breakfast?
B:  yeah, what did you pack for me today?
Me:  You have cinnamon sugar waffles, sliced apples, yogurt, and milk
B:  MILK??? i told you i wanted JUUUUUUUUICE!!!!
Me:  yeah and you had juice yesterday so you need milk today!
B:  ok, so then i will have strong bones right?
Me:  right, now come on-please eat your breakfast for momma
    (about 5 minutes pass and it's quiet in the backseat)
Me:  BooderBean what part of your breakfast are you eating?
B:  do you hear me eating?
Me:  nope i sure don't!
B:  then I'm probably eating my waffle huh, because if i was eating my apples you would know it.
Me:  really? how is that bud?
B:  because apples are loud and crunchy and you would hear them, and waffles are soft and quiet and you wont' hear them.

and all of this was in a very matter of fact kind of conversation, not rude, not condescending, just matter of fact mom!
pretty smart if you ask me!
love that boy!

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