Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My funny Valentines!

These two literally LIGHT UP MY LIFE!!
I am so blessed to be their mommy and so thankful that God chose them for me. 
I couldnt' have asked for better Valentines!  I received hugs, kisses, flowers, shopping money, cards, my favorite wine and ice cream...but best of all i got snuggles from my boys!
And heard BrotherBean say "Happy Birthday Valentines Day"
(he hasn't quite gotten it out of his head that it's not his birthday anymore :))

At the Valentines Parties

Sugar High!!!!

Opening his gifts from mommy and daddy

He ate more grapes and fruit snacks at his party than anyone i think!!

BooderBean proud of his Valentines bag they made at school

Super Hero sucker--he said this was his Super Hero face!

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