Thursday, March 18, 2010

movin' on up

Since our family has moved up (in size that is), I realized I needed to update my blog a bit!  I am no longer just mommy to BooderBean, we now have a BrotherBean.  So my little BeanSprouts needed to be reflected in my blog. 
It's so funny to me how all the came was the day that MilitaryMan and I broght BooderBean home from the hospital, MilitaryMan dubbed him BooderBean that day and it's stuck ever since!

it's hard to belive i've been at this blog for coming up on 2 years! I plan to really give it a revamp in the looks deparment soon...just need to find me the TIME!

Even though this photo is nearly 3 months will always be one of my favorites of my little BeanSprouts! We are having 3 month photos taken next weekend so i know i will have more favorites to come!


greygillfish said...

Love the new look! What a great name! It all came together great! I can't wait to get some updated photos!


M+D+Bx3 said...

Ha ha Love it!!! Now if I can ever get around to actually typing on my blog!?!