Thursday, August 12, 2010

EIGHT months!

Happy 8 month birthday BrotherBean!  You are the happiest baby on the block, you smile at absolutely everything, you instantly light up at just the mere sound or sight of your big brother, you are eating baby foods now and starting to work on the sippy cup, you have mastered rolling and scooting, you can go from laying to sitting now, you are perfectly content sitting on your play mat surrounded by stuffed animals and toys, you beam and instantly get calm and smiley when mommas sings to you, you love it when daddy calls you Monkey and all sorts of funny nicknames, you get up on all fours and are trying so hard to learn to crawl, We love you little man!!!

Here are some photos from this past weekend just hanging out at home!

This was early morning playing with brother in pj's (and darn it if I wasn't doing all the cute pj's in the laundry the night before and THIS is what he had to sleep in??? ta well!)

BooderBean brought him lots of toy choices to keep him busy so BooderBean and I do a puzzle
He gets such a kick out of this! He'll just sit there and rock!
This is pretty much how he is every second of every day...smiley boy!


greygillfish said...

I SEE BABY LEGS! How cute are those!

I bet he will be crawling anyday now. It looks like he is ready to take off!

His hair looks so much longer/thicker too. What a beautiful boy!

KendraJane said...

Cuteness!!! I love his grin in the last picture!!

Natalie said...

Cinda, he is SO beautiufl. I mean handsome! I love his smile, what awesome little guys you have!