Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Fun

I promised myself I would get better at this, and I really really want to be....but my blog seems to get pushed to the waste side and I am not liking that. Here we are at the beginning of November and I am bound and determined to write a weekly post! In fact, since I live by my Outlook calendar-- I am making a weekly task of it. There, it's in writing, maybe that will tie me to it more :) Here's to hoping anyway!

So much fun stuff happened this past month that I thought I would just do a quick bullet list and then , of course, overload with photos!!
  • August came and BooderBean started Kindergarten, he loves to read and write and is getting very good at both!

  • BrotherBean moved up in a class and is now with the 3's and 4's at daycare. He is loving it and is growing up way too fast, his verbal skills amaze me daily.
  • I broke my foot during August and was stuck with an "awesome" boot for the next 4 weeks, my first bone to ever break and at the age of 31 too!  It is called the "dancers break"..I told to doc he needed to change the name because my dancing skills are something to laugh at for sure!
  • Fair season began and we took the boys to a couple local fairs. They of course had a blast and their favorite parts were: the animals, face painting, rides, and cotton candy!
  • Soccer Season was upon us as well and we spent 2 1/2 months with weekly practices and games. And let me tell you, WOW, this BooderBean boy is pretty stinkin' awesome at soccer! He gets his game face on every time and gets in there and plays like he's been doing it for years. So excited to watch him continue in this sport.

  • BooderBean turned 6 this year and we celebrated with 4 parties for him! seriously...he's not spoiled one bit i promise ;) Of course the kid needed an OSU Cowboys themed party this year--he's like their biggest fan, it's hilarious!

  • We got a surprise with our dog having 7 baby puppies and needing to raise them and find them great homes! This past weekend we were able to find all but one a home! great news!

  • Fall Break came and I got to take a couple days off to hang with my boys and we did just that...hung out and played!
  • MilitaryMan had knee surgery this month and is finally recovering from that, poor guy had to miss the OSU Homecoming events though. But he got to have a kiddo and wife free house for a day so I think he did pretty good :)

  • We took the boys to the pumpkin patch and had a lot of fun running the rows of pumpkins, hiding in the corn maze, and posing with the giant pumpkin.  Later that night we carved up some pumpkins.

  • Halloween time came and the boys were so geared up for a fun night! We visited all the family we could and even got to visit quite a few friends. Boys got to eat candy for dinner, dress up in fun costumes, stay up way past their bedtime, and have their mommy and daddy's undivided attention :) I think the night was a success!

  • Today is my THIRTY SECOND birthday!!! I've been shown that I have a lot of really awesome people in my life who really care about me, and that sure makes this girl feel special!

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Simon Ringsmuth said...

I can't get over that picture of your kids in their costumes. It's so cute! :)