Wednesday, October 8, 2008

booderbeans birthDAY

So, booderbean turned 2 last Thursday and i am just now posting pics! the reason for my delayed blogging is LACK OF SLEEP!! this little 2 year old, turned 2 and apparently decided he didn't need to sleep in his own bed anymore!

readers...this will be another post, i'd rather focus right now on the birthday boy!

Military man and i snuck into booderbeans room the night before he turned 2 and covered his room in balloons (his favorite) and hung up Happy Birthday banners. He was so excited to wake up and see a room filled with balloons just for him! The minute i heard him waking up i grabbed the camera and headed in to get a wake up shot! He quickly wanted the "boons" in his bed with him. Military man had to work that day till 1pm so i made booderbean a yummy breakfast (which he proudly got to eat on his new Elmo plate) and we played till daddy got home. Then we woke booderbean up from his nap and headed to the zoo for the day!

We had decided to buy him his own bike and helmet (melmet as he referes to it) since he is just in love with the one at mimi and papas. Of course my camera battery died and i have no pictures of him seeing it for the first time!!!! He's still getting the hang of the whole bike thing so as he practices ill get some pictures up. It's hard livin in teh country with no sidewalks...i think we'll be laying some concrete in the near future :)

he kept saying "weeee" as he threw them!

this was birthday breakfast on Elmo plate

he got an Elmo tattoo and it pretty much made his day

right after i told him we were going to the zoo to see the monkeys! his and daddy's favorite.

silly monkey boy

who had more fun with the monkeys???


greygillfish said...

Happy Birthday Booder Bean!

We always did the balloons in the room for GTO too. He loved it!

Love those monkey faces and beautiful smiles.

You can expect to see me at your door Saturday morning for breakfast. That looks yummy!

morewineplease said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy!!!! What cute pics!!!

Biteofpunkinpie said...

oh my goodness, we love doing dave ramsey. before youngest daughter was born, we had paid down all but one credit card and husband's student loan. now we have those pesky medical bills again, but really truly it is great. going to the fpu classes was great for us (they have them at epiphany) but that might be a little hard for you all, but you can buy the books and do it that way.

oh, and i love the idea of putting the balloons in your booder bean's room for his birthday. oldest daughter's birthday is in a couple of weeks, so i think i'm going to have to do that!