Wednesday, October 1, 2008

homemade?? not anymore!!!

What is our world coming to when a mother cannot bring her child's class homemade cookies anymore????

This is so upsetting to me. I was so excited for booderbean to be able to help mommy bake homemade cookies and ice them to bring to his little classmates today to celebrate his birthday tomorrow.

Little did i know that when i would ask if there were any food allergies i should know about, Miss Fer Fer (poor toddlers can't quite say Jennifer yet) would inform me that we are only allowed to bring store bought goodies! Apparently the government, or whoever made this decision for our school systems and child care centers, felt that some parents might try and poison their child's class so we can't bring them homemade anymore! Now I ask you, what parent would do that???

oh point in stewing over this or gripping about this anymore (Lord knows i did enough last night!), it's a done deal.

So, booderbean and i went to the store and picked out some yummy cookies from the bakery for him to bring today! We did however go ahead and make those homemade cookies last night as well as some orange pumpkin ones.

I gotta say, this boy was so proud to pose for photos with his cookies! It's so cute how i can now say "ok, smile big for mommy" and he will do it willingly!

This ones for you Becky. I love how you love his little smile as much as i do!


Katie said...

I'm with you Cinda! That's ridiculous that you can't take homemade cookies to share!! What has this world come to?! So glad that you still made your cookies! Coleman looks so proud of himself!

becky said...

In the school's defense, I think the harshness of the rule is because of food allergies. If your child had SEVERE food allergies would you trust everything that a parent brought in. It could be really dangerous not knowing the ingredients. For instance, GTO is allergic to red dye which we are finding out is in a lot of foods/candies/cookies that ARE NOT red. At least Mr. Coleman is still excited about his cookies. AND I DO LOVE LOVE LOVE that beautiful SMILE!

booderbean said...

GOOD point becky!

KendraJane said...

I think the law is for non-bakers like me. And for Shannon, since her oven hasn't worked in three years. The government doesn't want any of you Super Moms getting a leg up on the compitition!
However.......... I love the pictures! I want to come help bake next time!