Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby K 2.0

This is the name my brother has given to our second baby...Baby K 2.0! classic! When little booderbean was in my tummy and we didn't know if he was a he or a she, everyone referred to him as "Baby K", so it just makes sense i suppose.

I have been purposely not posting this week b/c i just loved the though of our little announcement being on the front page of my blog...but it is time. And i thought what better way to go on than to have a little preggo girl update huh!

you can stop reading now if you are not into this sort of thing....but i have a feeling a lot of my posts over the next 8 months will be about this wonderful little being!

Oooooooooh the world is a great place right now!! as I type I am eating a lunch that actually sounded good, smelled good, and is settling quite nicely with my finicky tummy! AND thanks to my brother I have found my new little piece of Heaven: Smoothie King!!!!!!!!!!

About 10 AM I was starving…and the drawer full of snacks and fridge full of other peoples snacks (yes I have been given the go ahead to eat whatever I can keep down from the office mates) did not sound good at all. I mean I am getting very nauseous at this point, and nothing is sounding good.
Co-worker suggests soup from McAlister’s…bingo!
We head that way at lunch time and I got the best little cup of country potato soup to go I have honestly ever had! So excited to find something that sounds good!

I have heard and read on many websites that a good fruit smoothie is the way to go on a preggo tummy that can’t seem to keep anything down, not even water. So after I grabbed my soup I text the brother for a good place to get a smoothie and of course he says Smoothie King—bingo!! I head in and of course have no idea from their large menu what even sounds good. the guy asks what I want and I tell him I have no idea, so he is EVER so helpful and makes suggestions….my stomach is turning as he is mentioning all the food. I tell him nicely that I am pregnant and can’t seem to even get water into my tummy but I know that I need to get some nutrients in me quick. it was amazing! That place kicked it into high gear and had all kinds of great suggestions for me (they really know their stuff there!) and then let me sample all of them that they mixed up before I had to settle on one. it was so great. so I picked one out and I am now in Heaven!

THIS is my new favorite place…pretty sure I’ll be a regular there!


KendraJane said...

here's my BIG question... are you going to find out team pink or team blue this time... or do we have to wait ANOTHER NINE MONTHS like last time???

Mari said...

Smoothies are AWESOME for us pregnant ladies! I'm glad that you found them....I make them at home and have one almost everyday!