Friday, April 10, 2009

cutie cousins

On the Bridges side of the family there are 4 grandchildren, and they are all BOYS! Getting these boys together is always so much fun, so hectic, so loud, and so full of smiles-hugs-kisses-and sticky hands! I love these boys to death! It is so amazing to me, and so blessing, that you can see the love they have for each other at such young ages! The oldest is C- he'll be 5 next month, then there's my Booderbean-just turned 2.5, then there is J-he's 21 months, and lastly is little G-he's 3 months.
We took some fun photos last weekend when we got the boys together....too bad little G was nursing the whole time, i got no photos of him.
This is little J and Booderbean--such cheesy funny boys!

C looks like he's deep in thought in his favorite spot in the tree.
This weekend we'll all be together again for Easter at Mimi & Papa's and you can bet I will capture some more cousin cuteness!

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