Thursday, December 16, 2010

BrotherBean is ONE

How was BrotherBeans birthday you ask? Well, the word "different" comes to mind.
The poor kiddo was sick on his birthday, throwing up stomach flew a few days before and still not quite himself when the actual big day of turning ONE came. So, even though we had the cakes made, decorations and party favors bought, house cleaned and ready for company...we had to cancel my baby boys first birthday party. AND just as i started taking photos my camera battery decided to die so i had to revert to the cell phone camera...NOT what i had envisioned for so many months, but at least i got some photos.
ok WOW, that was a little dramatic right???
While it was sad to reschedule his birthday party we still made and awesome day for him of hanging around the house with just us four! It was a fun stay at home day doing all fun things that he liked to do, in fact, BooderBean and i didn't change our of our pajamas all day!

Here are a few photos from the fun stay at home lazy birthday day for our big ONE year old man!

Since we had quarantined him to the BRAT diet he didn't get to enjoy cake or any goodies on his big day, instead he got to blow out his candles in a pancake!

He wasn't too excited about the act of opening up gifts...this may be the only photo of him actually holding a gift. he would rather crawl around and wrestle on us and let big brother open the gifts.

And MilitaryMan won, the evening ended with BrotherBean getting his first haircut by daddy!


 After...still cute as a bug!
Happy FIRST birthday to my little man!


Simon said... entire day of pajamas? Sounds like a great way to spend a birthday. :) Glad to hear he had a good time even though he was a little sick. Poor guy!

greygillfish said...

A Haircut??? Really Military Man??? I thought I talked you into leaving it long. :)

Sorry, your little guy was sick on his birthday. A day in pajamas sound FAB!

Happy Birthday Brotherbean!