Tuesday, December 21, 2010

cutie pie comparisson

Last night was a pizza kind of night!
We call it "guys night" around our house...which simply means to BooderBean that he gets to sit on the couch with daddy and TV trays and watch a cartoon while they eat.
As BrotherBean and i were sitting at the table eating i realized HEY-this is his first time to have pizza! And then i remembered i had snapped a photo of BooderBeans first pizza experience so i snapped one of Brother as well.  When i went to find the photo from the past i realized that the photos were taken when both boys were exactly the same age--like down to only a few days apart!

BooderBean--1 year and 12 days old (October 2007)

BrotherBean--1 year and 8 days old (December 2010)

It amazes me to look back at the photos and compare my two cuties!


greygillfish said...

How neat that you have the almost exact same picture of them. They actually look more alike than I thought. Such sweet boys!

Simon said...

Cannon's got a much cooler high chair. I bet his brother is super jealous. :)