Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Date Night!

We've been realizing a lot lately that our boys LOVE to play with each other, but that at the same time they both really NEED time alone with mom and dad for all the attention to be on just them!

Last night Military Man and I took BooderBean to see his very first movie in the theatre and have a Date Night with mom and dad! He is a huge Cars fan so it was perfect for his first movie to be Cars 2!

He has been so excited for weeks, asking every day when the Cars movie was coming out! Finally it did and he was in hog heaven, I'm not sure if he was more excited to actually see the movie or to find out he would get to eat popcorn, drink a sprite, and eat all the candy he wanted!!

He wasn't a huge fan at all of the 3D glasses...he ended up only wearing them for the first 20 minutes then they were off!

We had so much fun, I love these special moments with our big boy! Can't wait till BrotherBean is old enough to appreciate Date Nights!
Disclaimer--this photo is horrible, i know!!! But it was the only pic i could get of all all three!


greygillfish said...

What a fun night!
Next time, you need to drop Brotherbean off at our house. I miss those little guys and their parents too!

Simon said...

Looks like he had a great time at his first movie in a theater!