Friday, July 1, 2011

Take One, Take Two, Take...Twenty!

So, I have no idea how my good friends GreyGill Fish, MissPrissandMe, and PhotoJunky take such amazing photos of little ones...because let me tell you, i got gray hairs just trying to get ONE good photo of my boys on my own!! :)

I got this grand idea to take some good photos right in our green, spacious backyard and frame them up for MilitaryMan for Fathers day...while I think my kiddos are just about the cutest things on earth, they sure wouldnt' cooperate for me for a photo. BooderBean, was, is, and always will be such the little ham for the camera! He knows exactly what to do, and models it so well! If you know how to get him into this professionally, let me know!!
BrotherBean on the other a busy, active, 18 month old, with zero intentions of sitting still for a photo :)
Here's what i got:

yes, we tried bribery with food...

neither would look directly at me

then Brother decided he wanted to hold the camera rather than me

lastly Brother was done, off and running from the camera

TA DA!! while this may not be perfect, it captures their personalities so much! i love this one!
So from now on...I think i'll let the above ladies stick to the behind the camera lense, and i'll not :)

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Natalie said...

They're great pics, you're right, they capture their personalities at this age. So cute! I think you did a great job, Mama! :)