Thursday, July 21, 2011

American Honey

You know that song by Lady Antebellum "American Honey"?  Well it's been our little song for BrotherBean since he was just days old. The song was popular at the time he was born and BooderBean and I love to sing all kinds of country songs together so when this song came out, you better believe we sang like we were on American Idol!  After only a few short days of being home with BrotherBean when he was born we quickly learned that he loved being sung to, and this song is the only one that seemed to soothe those baby tears away!  BooderBean and i would sing to him all the time and he would instantly calm down when we sang this song, crazy isn't it!

Well that singing hasn't stopped, just this morning the 3 of us were belting out my high school fight song, the itsy bitsy spider, and numerous rounds of "Oklahoma".  Watch out world, one day you might see us on American Idol...or at least we think we are that good :)

Here are some photos from the 4th, we spent the late afternoon/evening/night with Military Man's family and had so much fun, i tried to sneak in a few photo ops here and there :)  BooderBean is still so fun to photograph and just loves the camera, BrotherBean is just too stinkin' fast to get a good photo!

i love how he ended up posing, just looking at the flag

My awesome in-laws and their grandboys!

BEST father-in-law around!!

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