Thursday, November 17, 2011


This is the name i have been dubbed by my awesome nephews! Although it hasn't always stuck for very long (meaning, once they could say "Aunt Cinda") the youngest nephew has actually let the name stay and to him...i am and will always be Aunnie.

Oldest nephew, i call him Saucy-who knows why really??, came to stay with the boys and I last weekend and OH MAN did we have fun! Military Man was off doing his Military duty and i had a house full of 3 energetic, excited, boys!
It was so awesome to see my now, grown up, nephew doing big guy stuff! Instead of me getting to read them their bedtime story, he did it! He sure loves his baby cousin, BrotherBean, and he helped him with every single thing. Helped pick him up when my hands were full, helped him and BooderBean feed and water our turtle, helped me in the kitchen, etc.
This was on the ride to Aunnie's house for the night! BrotherBean looks scared :)

it's dark, but this was snack time after we first arrived at our house. of course they HAD to eat first thing, silly boys
Making their own mini pizzas for "guys night"
The boys all had so much fun making these! They had 3 helpings

"Guys Night" means watching a movie and eating in the living room floor
Our creations!
The second breakfast of the morning!
Painting pumpkins with all the boys :)

Although the weekend left me exhausted because it was also the Spring forward time change weekend and the older boys decided that their internal alarm clock would wake them at the new time of 5:19 a.m.! Grandpa called to check on things about 9:20 that morning and i remember telling him "we have ate breakfast twice, colored with chalk outside, had a soccer game outside, painted pumpkins, and snuggled in my bed and it's ONLY 9:20!!" Needless to say the coffee pot was on all day long and by that evening a glass of wine had been poured :)

I just love that little boy so much! I cannot believe he is already 7 years old and in second grade!!
We will be doing weekends with him way more often!

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