Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a little late on the fireworks...

So i know it's not actually Independence Day anymore...
but i figured i'd post a few pictures of our 4th of July weekend anyway!
Military man is still gone training so it was just me and the booderbean this year. We had a wonderful, fun, busy, tiring weekend in Ponca City. Since booderbean slept through the fireworks displays last year I was so looking forward to his reaction this year...but when it doesn't' get dark till almost 10:00pm, a toddler just can't hang. He was out like a light on the way to the lake to see fireworks. He did however get to shoot off a few at nanas house that afternoon after a full day of hanging out in the pool and grilling out. He wasn't a big fan of sparklers (probably b/c momma wouldn't' let him hold it on his own and he had to stand still and just stare, maybe when your older buddy, this momma is just a nervous wreck around quick toddler hands!) but LOVED the poppers. You know, those white little poppers you throw on the ground...well if one didn't pop you better believe he was on a mission to stomp it out! it was quite hilarious. Booderbean also got to find out this weekend that he is quite talented at eating corn ON the cob...nervous momma didn't even cut it up for him, and he's a big big fan of "pink fluff salad", my cousin made this amazing salad that i'm pretty sure booderbean ate 3/4 of!!
well this post is boring i'm sure but i'd really just like to get to the pictures. so enjoy!

Booderbean and Momma swimming

Sparklers with momma and poppers with pappa

enjoying his pink fluff with a spoon all by himself!! and of course diving into the corn on the cobb!

the boy loooves his fruit snacks!!

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