Wednesday, July 2, 2008

to travel or not to travel...

well i'm FIANLLY posting about this...A little under a month ago I traveled abroad with my work to London and France (woohoo right!). Part of my job is to coordinate and plan out the Study Abroad programs for the School of Business. Since i was so new to the position as it grew closer for the students to go on their trip, i was given the chance to go with them (along with professors and another coordinator). It was great, I was able to finally meet all the people i had been e-mailing and video conferenceing with and now when i tell a student we need to order them a Eurial pass I will actually know what the heck i'm talking about! I've allready started the planning process for summer 2009 Study Abroad (such a big big task) but i wanted to post and share some pictures from this years. I took so many pictures that by the time the trip was over my camera was was left with 3 spaces on the memory card! If you want to see more I'll have to send them to you, there's no way anyone wants to see this post filled up. I do highly reccomend international travel to everyone, it was the most eye opening experience ever.
Here's a short list of my favorites (no particular order):
1. people watching
2. sipping wine outside in Paris
3. attending Mass at Notre Dame Catholic Church
4. Eiffel Tower
5. taking the Tubes (transportation) all over London
6. the War Cabinet Museum (absolutly wonderful!)
7. the Queens Rose Garden at Regents Park in Londo
8. the long plane ride (i know, i'm crazy but i love to fly!)

And a short list of my not so favorites:

1. baggett sandwiches-i have a story on why
2. paying to use the potty
3. the language barrier (my fault, i really shoulda learned french)
4. paying way too much for an over strong cup of coffee
5. missing my booderbean so much i couldnt' even look at a child with out literally tearing up.


becky said...

I had no idea you went to Europe. How exciting! Great pics.

morewineplease said...

I didnt know you went either! Beautiful Pics lady... tell the story aboug the baguette!