Friday, July 25, 2008

my boys

i think military man deserves a shout out on here!! this man is just amazing to me, he's so wonderful with our son and he supports me and does things just to make me happy (like leaving the house at 8:50 last night for a mad dash to the liquor store b/c he knew i had had a rough day and we were out of my favorite wine--so when i emerged from booderbeans room and he was soundly asleep, there was a glass for me!)
thought i would post some wonderfully funny pics from our recent vacation of
booderbean and military man!

booderbean has an infatuation with water fountains lately, much to my dismay b/c if you know me, then you know my fear of nasty germs from strangers on public things like this...BUT military man made him happy and indulged him while i turned my eyes :)

here booderbean is wearing daddy's favorite and most proud shirt Led Zeppelin baby.

enjoying an early morning breakfast at the condo and i had to pause for a photo!

my boys having fun in the pool. notice their coordinating flowered swim trunks...military man said it's ok for him to wear flowers b/c it's black! haha

while at Basin Park in Eureka, there was a strange man with a monkey in a dress on a leash...the monkey was begging for quarters that she would then stick in her pocket. military man gave the monkey a dollar. this photo was taken about 30 seconds before booderbean lost it and was screaming for me to save him from the crazy monkey.

military man got booderbean his first airbrushed tattoo! those two couldn't have been prouder!


morewineplease said...

those are some VERY handsome boys you have there! GREAT PIX

Biteofpunkinpie said...

so sweet! what does it mean that my husband owns a pink swimsuit with flowers on it? in his defense the flowers are white and blue... that's manly too, right? or is it not and the destiny to live in a house full of females influenced his swimtrunks purchasing even back when he bought that suit (before either of the girls came along) lol