Thursday, February 19, 2009

last minute valentines

Between me having the flu last week and our fun house problems (see previous post), Valentines day pretty much snuck up on me this year! The weeks before i had all kinds of fun little ideas and things i wanted to go purchase to make cute Valentine's gifts...well none of that happened and next thing i knew it was the day before and i was finally feeling able to go out and about. So i decided to get creative this year and do the little things to make it special. And turned out better than i planned!
Valentines day started out with me making a "romantic" dinner for 3 (how romantic can you get when you have a 2 year old eating as well!) Friday night and then Booderbean and I woke military man up to a yummy & festive Valentines Day breakfast the next morning!

It was funny that even though Booderbean was included in the whole morning process, he still was so surprised to see his heart shaped waffles and fruit! Funny kiddo!

He didn't want any photos taken of the little valentines gifts he no no, he just wanted to have his picture taken with the dogs valentines bone! He was so proud to go give Gunner and Rosie (the dogs) their new treat!

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KendraJane said...

How cute!!! We did Valentine's breakfast too! With heart-shaped blue berry muffins!