Wednesday, February 4, 2009

silly sledding

I kept forgetting that i wanted to post photos from our snow days at home! These pictures were taken our first day of being snowed--er i mean ICED into our house! We actually got snow that night so pictures may have turned out a little prettier, had i brought my camera out with us when we went to sled!
My uncle got booderbean this sled last year for Christmas because we have a big hill on our land that would be really fun to sled on...too bad we didn't get the chance to use it last year. So we did the redneck thing and pulled booderbean around in the grass a few times last year so he would know what a sled is used for. Then it's sat in his closet till last week--and as soon as military man and i realized we were all 3 getting to stay home for the day,
booderbean grabbed his sled and was ready to go!
We figured he would be scared to go down the big hill alone...oh we were wrong!
He LOVES to sled!
Oh how i wish every day could be a snow day...but without the snow!
i'm not much of a fan of the COLD!!


greygillfish said...

HOW ADORABLE! I bet GiGi doesn't have a clue what a sled is. LOL!

Love thos pics!

morewineplease said...

That is the sweetest thing!

I tagged you!