Friday, February 13, 2009

sick of crap...LITERALLY

So i don't even know where to begin this post...this has literally been a week full of CRAP! keep reading, you'll know what I'm getting at!

Monday night i went to bed feeling great, had a good day at work and was pretty prepared for a full week ahead of me...then at 3AM i woke up more nauseous than i have ever been in my life!!! and all i could think the rest of the night was "either i am going to die or i am pregnant" because that same nauseous feeling was exactly what i had for about 7 months of pregnancy. I tossed and turned and kept waking military man up to tell him "I'm so nauseous" until my alarm went off at 5:45. I realized there was no way i could get out of bed so i was sleeping in till 7am when military man had to get up and i would have help getting ready and getting booderbean ready. I would just be an hour late or so i thought.
Alarm goes off at 7am, i get up, i head to get ready and realize....NOPE--I'm freaking sick! So i was out for the next 2 days with the worst flu i can honestly remember having!!! no no no readers, no baby here, just the stinkin' crappy flu!!!
And since military man and i work in separate towns and i am the one who takes booderbean to school, booderbean had to stay home with me for the first 1/2 of the day because military man had some major military stuff to take care of...can you even imagine having the FLU and taking care of a 2 year old!!! ladies...this was no picnic!!
I wont' go in to any details here, because lets be honest-no one wants to hear that stuff. But booderbean watched way too much Elmo that morning while we waited for military man to get home! Looking back i feel like the WORST MOM EVER at how sad he must have been when i kept telling him mommy can't read to you she's sick! Luckily military man came home at noon and booderbean and him took of to grandpas farm for the afternoon/evening so i could get some much needed sleep!! Thanks Grandpa for letting him ride the tractors--exactly what both of us needed!
you think this is the end of the post don't you, you think that that's as bad as it got right???

Think again!!

I started feeling a bit better and decided to take a nice hot shower on Wednesday, after showering i walked into the living room to find the living room carpet & wood floors in dinning room/kitchen FLOODED!! water was standing on the carpet which meant it had already soaked clear through! Water was pouring out of the hall closet where the hot water heater/septic tank line/all utility stuff is located! I opened the closed to see it flooded! After freaking out for about 2 seconds, i did what any desperate wifey does...i called up the hubs real quick in panic!! He had me check out a few things then pretty much told me that our septic tank had backed up into our house! WHAT??? gross gross gross!!
I begin moving furniture out of the way and trying to salvage what i could.
Military man wraps up things he had to finish at work and heads our way. THANK THE LORD for our very good friends N&G in town, he headed to our house and assessed the damage while talking to military man using terms and language i didn't even understand! They figured out exactly what to do and go to work diggin a big big hole in my pretty rose garden to find the septic tank and lateral lines (see i'm learning new words!). After shoveling for a few hours it was official, we needed to have someone come out and pump out our septic tank! GREAT! Finally after calling around, by 8pm we had someone there--with the biggest loudest truck i have ever seen! He sucked all the crap out--haha literally--and we were good to go. Yeah right! By this time booderbean is all hyped up because of the big hole in our backyard and the big truck with the giant hose and all the commotion so he sure wasn't ready to go to bed!
Now we have to deal with all the inside stuff!!! what a mess i tell you! what a mess! we have used the shop vac over our carpets i don't know how many times, and set up all kinds of fans, and still....soaking wet, stinky carpet!
So we'll spend our weekend having the carpets cleaned, and actually now it looks like pulled up and trashed and figuring out how to deal with it all!

So, in conclusion of my giant rant, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to you all--we bought ourselves a septic clean out for V-Day!


greygillfish said...

Hoping this week goes much better for you! Sorry you had a rough week. I hope you got your house all fixed up.

Biteofpunkinpie said...

oh my goodness! bless your heart! well, you were wanting to do some new decorating and whatnot, and this sounds like the perfect excuse.

see what i did there? with all the silver lining and whatnot?! =P ha ha!

Toni said...

OMG that is horrible......I think the sickness is going around up here too. I just pray we don't have the septic backup.