Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cutie Pie Comparrison

I snapped this photo randomly last night of BrotherBean enjoying some books. And it made me remember a similar photo i snagged of BooderBean--at exactly this same age!

I love that both our boys LOVE books, they could both sit for hours and look at pictures and "read" books.  We have a basket of books we keep in the backseat of my car for our daily commutes and those boys typically read the entire way. 

I also love that BOTH of them, on their own completely, have fallen in love with the same book, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"  at around 18 months old each!!

What do you think? Brothers??

(BooderBean-age 18 months)

(BrotherBean-age 19 months)

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The DeCoteau's said...

That is too cute that they both have the same taste in reading material :) What cutie pies?!