Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Orange Power

OK...not really Orange Power, as in OSU Cowboys, more like Orange Cuties!

We got these outfits for the boys this past summer, and it was instantly my favorite look on them both! We had them wear this outfit to many family gatherings, cookouts, get together with friends over the summer and got so many compliments on the cutie pies in orange!

Like all things on BrotherBean lately, he was quickly outgrowing the shorts (poor tubby boy) so i wanted to get some great pics of them in the outfits before they were outgrown! We grabbed the boys up for some HOT play outside and asked our dear friend Amie Haar to come over for a quick photo session.  Even though the boys probably gave her a run for her money, I think she did a fabulous job and the photos turned out great! 
I can't believe how much these two boys have grown up over the past year!! BooderBean will be turning 5 in a little over a month and still loves to pose for the camera, BrotherBean is 20 months now and is just so fast and full of energy that it's hard to get him to sit still. He loves to say "cheeeese" and will do great if he's sitting still.

Can't wait for the Fall to come and have GreyGill Fish do our Fall Family photos!!!

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greygillfish said...

I can't wait either! Maybe crimson shirts may be better suited for pictures with me. HA!