Tuesday, August 23, 2011

my little Army Mens

I recently realized the BrotherBean is growing up! I mean, really, growing up! He is 20 months old and able to wear some of big brothers 3T shorts that he has outgrown!  Craziness!  So when we put him in big brothers Army PT's a few weeks ago i realized i had better get the photo session in at our house that I've been waiting for!  I took this picture below of BooderBean and Military man back in May of 2008, this is exactly the same age as BrotherBean now so i knew i had to jump on the train!

A very very good friend of mine is starting out to make her mark in the photography world and i asked if she could come over and snap a few shots of the boys.  While she took many many good ones, below is the exact shot i was looking for! Perfection! I took the same shot myself of BooderBean and MilitaryMan and i was hoping she could capture something similar....and look-Perfection!!  I now have them side by side in our house, I'm so proud of my Military Man and the beautiful children he gave me.

Military Man and BooderBean 2008
Military Man and BrotherBean 2011
THANK YOU Amie Haar for taking this amazing pic of my boys!!
Wow look how much the little Krouts Sprouts have grown over the years...
this was my very first post ever HERE

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The DeCoteau's said...

LOVE IT!!! Such precious pics and there's nothing better than to be able to compare the two boys...SO CUTE!