Friday, September 2, 2011


SEVEN years!! That is how long I have been able to do the following items:
  • call myself Mrs. Krout
  • snuggle up with a married man ;)
  • kiss my best friend and know that I'll be able to do that anytime I want to
  • use the phrase "i don't know, let me check with my husband and I'll get back with you"
  • use the phrase to the guy that changes my oil at the mechanic shop "oh i have no idea about any of that, my husband usually takes care of all the vehicle stuff"
  • buy an anniversary card
  • celebrate the Labor Day weekend with an added flare
Thanks for SEVEN years of memory makin' baby! Thanks for putting up with your sometimes crazy, emotional, stressful, goofy wife!

September 4, 2004 was a fabulous day!!

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