Tuesday, September 20, 2011

School Daze

Yup, Mr. Big Boy BooderBean is considered a "schoolager" now! He finally got to join his friends and jump into the next milestone of his big boy life:  First Day of School: Pre-K style.  \

Although mom did not win and get to purchase the adorable plaid backpack i have had my eyes on all summer...Dad and big man won and he got to pick out his own cool backpack. Maybe i can still get that cutesy one and carry it myself! Man i need a girl huh :) 

The drop off was a bit harder than his momma would have liked, i guess i didn't really prepare myself for tears and clingyness.  But when i showed up at 3:15 to pick up my big man he was all smiles and proud of himself as he strapped his backpack on and showed me all around his classroom and the play area.

Here are a few of the highlights from his day, ALL in his words mind you:
  • "my favorite thing we did was play outside at recess. that's what they call it at big school, recess, not just playground time"
  • When MilitaryMan and I were asking him all of our 100 questions about his day we could tell he was getting annoyed because he then said this "is this how it's going to be EVERY day? that you ask me every single question about my school day over and over?" hahaha!! sorry son, but yes, your dad and I care, and that's our job :)
  • When we explained to him that he didn't have to play with the mean little boy that is now in his class that was also in his daycare class, that he had a whole new class of friends he could make and he could play with all of them, he then said this "well i can't because they all speak Spanish or something"...oooooh boy! well not ALL of them do, but a few do and he must get his over exaggeration from me :)
  • "look mommy they have a race track INSIDE and a one, two, one, two like we have at home!!" (a one, two, one, two is "Hopscotch")
  • "I like Mrs. Alred, she is nice, she told me i didn't have to fall asleep at Brain Break like you said i did, she said i just needed to rest"
  • "I got to see HENRY and MiKayla!!!!!!" and then "hey, did you know i have been friends with them since we were in diapers" hahah seriously? what an adult thing to say!
He had a great day and was really looking forward to going back today! The drop off this morning, on day two, was much smoother! Not one tear from him at all, now me? I walked myself strait to the car had a good ol' cry that my little boy is growing up!
I remember thinking that the moms that did this were silly!! Of course kids grow up, they have to, hello?? but Man, you become a mom and, it hits ya hard!

So happy he is enjoying big school--he even said he thought it would be cool if little brother could come soon! Slow that one down buddy!! :)

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The DeCoteau's said...

Yes, girls are more fun to dress and accessorize. This coming from a Mom who had no interest in such things as a child, so I can't imagine how much fun it would be for someone who has any passion about it whatsoever ;) So glad to see that he's enjoying his school, and OH MAN are you in trouble...those cowboy pics are oh so handsome!!! You're gonna have girls knocking down your door as this boy gets older (if they're not already)!