Tuesday, September 27, 2011

FIVE in FIVE days

My big man will be turning a whole hand full of fingers-FIVE-in just 5 short days!
He's pretty pumped to be able to give a high 5 and that be how old he is, or so he tells me :)

here are some amazing things this boy can do now:
  • he can count to 100 without any help (and probably higher but we stop there).
  • he can color very well now, staying in the lines is his new favorite thing to do.
  • he can get him self completely ready for school in a very handsome outfit and always makes sure it's done "the way a cowboy would do it".
  • he is getting really good at reading, memorizing, adding, and spelling.
  • he has the best memory of anyone i know, he can remember something we did years ago and will have the littlest details to remind you.
  • he is such an amazing big brother-BrotherBean loves him so much and wants to do everything he does just to be like his big brother.
  • he loves whole heatedly and shows it in big ways.
  • he has the tightest bear hug of anyone, and can squeeze a neck in a hug like no other.
  • he knows just about as much as his daddy when it comes to guns and ammo and hunting, he can tell you exactly what to do and how to do it and be precise.
  • he is friendly and outgoing and shy and quiet all at the same time.
  • he enjoys books and puzzles so very much.
  • he loves to have you tell him stories about "things that happened to you when you were growing up".
  • he knows that if momma has a headache that all he needs to do is lay in her lap and her headache magically goes away ;)
  • he is getting very good at his chores now: setting and clearing the table, gathering trash on trash day, getting his items ready by the door for school each evening.
  • he still has his favorite stuffed animal and blanket that go EVERYWHERE with us, they are simply referred to as "pig and home blanket".
  • he would wear boots and wranglers every day of the week if he was allowed.
  • he is becoming a master roper and bull rider and practices daily.

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The DeCoteau's said...

What an adorable little man?! He's has a beautiful smile!!! Best of wishes to the birthday boy! And, it looks like those two have a pretty good time helping their grandfather.