Thursday, September 29, 2011

Zoo Dayz

I forgot all about posting this and, even though the photos are not good at all i still wanted to post :)
My awesome college friend, and now fun momma friend Emily and I took our kiddos out to play at the zoo a few weeks ago when the HOT weather finally gave us a break!

BooderBean had a hunting day with daddy so it was just me and my little man headed to meet pretty little Hadley and her momma.
The weather was perfect and the kids had so much fun playing and seeing the animals. We took a picnic lunch, rode the train, saw the new baby elephants that were recently born, and just spent the whole day hanging out.
And i think we got by with only 2 fits from the kiddos the whole day :)
OH and Emily and i got our work out on as well--do you even know how worn out you can be from pushing a 30lb kid in a stroller all over the zoo?? we do!!

(they loved the bouncy gym!)

The photos are really not that good, i mean really! But oh well-it's memories :)

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