Friday, September 23, 2011

Country Kids

Part of me wishes I could tend to a garden and keep a garden the way my amazing father-in-law does. Each year he plants a wide variety of vegetables, watermelons, and pumpkins on his farm.  I don't know how he keeps up with it with the ease and grace that he does, he also has a couple hundred cattle and a more acres than i can count of tending too as well!  I love this man, I can't say it ENOUGH, i truly was a blessed and lucky woman on September 4, 2004 when i gained him as my Father-In-Law.  This man is a saint I tell you, a saint!!

BooderBean was SO proud of his watermelon picking with Grandpa

BrothrBean adores those two!!

BrotherBean learning to use the outside faucet, he was obsessed!

BooderBean has definitely fallin in his fathers and grandfathers footsteps and picked up the gene of gardening and anything outdoors, and BrotherBean is always right behind him following and doing EXACTLY what big brother does.

Some of the vegetables and watermelon were ready for picking last month so we headed over one evening to let the boys help grandpa get to pickin'.  They had a blast and were SO proud of themselves! and let me tell you, those were THE best onions I have ever ate!

BooderBean picked every one of these

I know these are tons of photos..but I couldn't narrow it down for the post :)

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