Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Frenzy

OK...I've got A LITTLE (to say the least) catching up to do on my blog! I have yet to post from BooderBeans TWO birthday parties, our annual Fall Break camping trip, and many other things this month. BUT before i do a major catch up post...lets just focus on the here and now--Halloween and Fall 2011!

I introduce to you...our Deer Hunter and his Deer!!

(photos aren't that good, YOU try getting a fidgety 22 month old to sit still when there are pumpkins and a costume to play with!)

Over Fall Break we took the boys on our annual Krout Family Campout. Had a great time, great weather...and oops-a broken camera so hardly no photos were taken. BUT on our way to the campout we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and took the boys to a great pumpkin patch
and had a great ol' time.

The boys were so ready to go into the fields and get their pumpkins but I had to play mom for a minute, and make them pose for the traditional photos :)

BrotherBean was trying to be big like big brother and tried so hard to find the perfect pumpkin! after roaming around the patch for a while he finally decided that "WAY over there" was the perfect one :) Love this little man and his milk belly! Love my chunky monkey!

My big man BooderBean was so proud to be a big boy this year and do more in cut his own pumpkin and all!

love. them. to. pieces.

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