Wednesday, December 21, 2011

He came, We visited, We laughed, We loved...

Without making myself tear up by writing this post....My brother, Kaleb, came to visit from his new home in the D.C./Virginia area!!!! Brother moved "back East" as they call it, back in August to accept a really awesome job as a safety engineer with a really big and great company, Bechtel.  He loves his job and is doing so well with it. BUT we love him more and miss him more!!!
He came back for the biggest rival weekend in Oklahoma football, Bedlam Weekend!!!
While he was in town we had a big ol' family meal and laughed, played, talked, hugged, ate, drank, and of course his sissy bawled her eyes out like a baby..come on, it's me, OF COURSE i cried! But like i told him...they truly are happy tears!! happy that his life is turning out so awesome for him!
Just wish the distance wasn't a 24 hour drive or a $500 plane ticket :)

Me, Kaleb, Sister
If anyone out there wants to donate frequent flier miles or buy me a plane ticket I'll take you up on it :)

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