Thursday, December 8, 2011

say it isn't so....TWO??

Crazy to me to think that in four short days this little cutie patootie, chunky monkey, man will be TWO years old!!! Where oh where has the time gone? It was just 2 short years ago yesterday (December 7th-Pearl Harbor day) that I was due to have my second baby, but little Baby K 2.0 decided to hang out in mommas belly for 5 extra days until he was ready! Then on December 12th at 6:11 a.m. he decided that even though daddy had just left for a big day of hunting, and big brother and i had plans of making grandpa a birthday cake and napping all day...that he would have other plans for us and arrive :)

Making a gingerbread house with mommy at Thanksgiving

this boy LOVES to eat!!!
What a fabulous day it was! Happy birthday (in 4 days) to our BrotherBean!!
Your Mickey Mouse party on Sunday is going to be so fun little guy!

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greygillfish said...

I can't believe it either! Definitely time for another! :)