Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TWO times TWO

That's what we did, we celebrated TWICE for BrotherBean! Once at his party on Sunday with family, few friends, gifts, cake, dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, eating a big ol' cold evening stew for dinner, celebrating 2 other family birthdays (my father in law and my mom), playing with all our cousins and just about every single toy in our house made an appearance to my living room floor :)

birthday breakfast in his new mickey mouse bowel with all his favorites (eggs, fruit loops, grapes, yogurt, milk)

playing hard in his new construction worker set

his birthday cake that i made
THEN we Krouts woke up the next morning and celebrated again as BrotherBean officially turned the big T-W-O! We took the boys to Bass Pro Shops to visit the big jolly Santa and had a whole day there, then went to eat some absolutely fabulous German lunch at a local restaurant and bakery! Ended the evening with a yummy dinner, let the boys have a long bath, and snuggled them up for a
Mickey Mouse movie night.

BooderBean loved Santa...BrotherBean, not too interested...more interested in the candy canes the big man was handing out!

BrotherBean shooting the play targets with daddy

writing their letters to Santa

BooderBean mailing his letter!!

The best photo we could get with squirmy BrotherBean

This boy knows his pastries! He got to pick out any cookie he wanted from the bakery for lunch!
On a side note (and this is more for my memory bank more than anything)
 The Birthday party and Birthday day for BrotherBean started out just like his birth and just like his 1st birthday...with him sick :( He wasn't horribly sick at all, it's more just ironic because he was sick (as we painfully remember) on and off his entire first year and then on his 1st birthday he was spent it throwing up, and then his 2nd birthday morning he woke up throwing up again. Luckily this time it was due to congestion.

Love our little man to pieces!!
Happy Birthday to our big
2 year old chunky monkey :)

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The DeCoteau's said...

LOVE the construction set pic!!! That is hilarious! Looks like he had tons of fun. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!